This 90s-Inspired Ram 50 is one Radical Truck


There has been no shortage of 90s nostalgia recently, as most millennials who were old enough to come of age during the time are finally becoming financially influential enough to bring back the simpler times of their childhood. 


This 1989 Ram 50 show truck was originally modified in 1992 for a woman in Atlanta. After her passing, the pickup was transferred to one Bobby Arkwight, who christened the truck “Timecapsule” and modified it to crank out a little more radical styling.

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Ram Electric Pickup Could Arrive by 2024


An all-electric future is nearly upon us, and as major conglomerate Stellantis has assured, by 2030, nearly every major FCA and PSA automaker will offer an electric vehicle of some kind. In the run-up to 2030, the company plans to build plug-in hybrids of most models as part of an accelerated global electrification plan.


New platforms are already in the works to support purely electric vehicles, including one for body-on-frame pickups and large SUVs, which is due in 2024.

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