The dog days of summer are well and truly upon us! Is your vehicle up to the task? Courtesy of Keller Bros. Dodge Ram in Lititz, PA, here are three essential summer maintenance tips designed to ensure maximum automotive care.

Get Your Oil and Filter Changed

If your last oil change is significantly in the rear view mirror, summer is the perfect time for a fresh one. Intense weather conditions of any kind (wet, hot, humid, etc.) can put extra stress on your vehicle’s oil and oil filter. 


Your car’s oil helps to keep your engine lubricated while the filter works to keep harmful debris, like dirt, dust, and metal fragments, out of your oil system. A clean filter means more material gets captured, which in turn leads to cleaner oil and a healthier, happier engine.

Double-Check Your Fluid Levels

Hot weather can lead to an evaporation of certain vital vehicle fluids like power steering fluid, engine coolant, and even windshield wiper fluid. For this reason, you hold check them all periodically throughout the season to make sure you are never going without.


Coolant is particularly important, as this fluid is responsible for keeping your engine from overheating in excessive temperatures. According to the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, overheating is the number one cause of summer breakdowns!

Monitor Your Tire Pressure

Between hitting potholes and navigating endless road construction, there really is nothing quite like driving through Pennsylvania in the summertime. For this reason, your tire pressure deserves a quality check-up.


In addition, changes in temperature have the ability to force your tires to lower and or gain pressure daily. In cool weather, a tire will typically lose one or two pounds of air per month. In the summertime, this lost pressure will be much needed, so make sure all of your tires (including the spare!) are properly inflated before taking off on that sweet summer road trip!

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