The Importance of Routinely Checking Your Vehicle Before Driving

Everyone’s in a rush to get from one place to the next, but it’s important for your safety as well as the safety of others to slow down and develop good habits, such as routinely inspecting your car before driving. Keller Bros Dodge Ram has put together some helpful tips and reminders so you can stay safe on the road. It’s always a good practice to regularly check your tire health, the exterior lighting, and for any unwanted guests before driving off.

Tire Health

Even if you just replaced your tires, it’s important to still walk around your car before you hop in and go to make sure they are still in good condition. Many of us drive over sharp objects capable of puncturing our tires, such as nails, without even realizing it every day. Routinely checking your tires to make sure they appear properly inflated will prevent you from driving unknowingly with a flat tire and damaging your rim.


It’s also important to make sure all of your exterior lighting from your headlights to your taillights are in working condition. Make sure to check each turn signal, and if you have a passenger, have them check your brake lights. Having all of your lights functioning properly will allow you to see more clearly at night, and it will make you more visible to other drivers. It’s important not to put off replacing your bulb, because driving with a light out could also result in a fine.

Unwanted Guests

While you enjoy your heated seats and heated steering wheel in the cold months, small animals from mice to cats enjoy the heat from your engine while your vehicle is parked. Before you start your car, make sure to bang on the hood a couple of times or beep your horn. This will startle any critters that may be resting under your hood and allow them to safely exit. Not remembering to do so could end fatally for the small animal and possibly leave you with a problem under the hood.

Need help patching a tire or replacing one of your lights? Keller Bros Dodge Ram Service Center will be glad to help! For more helpful tips and reminders be sure to follow our blog and sign up for our notifications!

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