Tips to Help Your Pet Become the Travel Companion You Always Wanted


Whether your pet is a travel warrior, or they’re a new addition to the family and yet to experience their first road trip, it’s important to remember a few tips and reminders. Traveling with your four-legged companion can make for great adventures, but they can’t express their needs and concerns like people, so you need to prepare for them.


Preparing for the Road

If your pet is a new addition to the family and hasn’t tackled their first road trip yet, it’s important to help them get acclimated to the car before you go. Begin by slowly introducing them to your SUV and where they’ll be traveling, whether it's in the backseat with a safety harness attached to the seatbelt or in the back in a large enough travel crate. As they get used to the environment, begin taking them on short car rides, slowly adding time in the car as they get more and more comfortable with it.


Before you leave, you’ll also want to make sure your pet is up-to-date on their vaccines, especially their rabies. It may come in handy to take a copy of their rabies certificate with you on the trip if you plan on crossing into different states or even into Canada. In addition to vaccine certificates, getting your pet microchipped is always a great idea. If they already are microchipped, double check that all of the contact information is correct. You may also want to get updated identification tags with appropriate contact information for your pet’s collar as well.


Packing The Essentials

On the day of departure, be sure to compose a checklist of items you don’t want to forget to bring for your pet. A general list may include plenty of food and water (including extra rations in case of travel delays), a leash, waste bags, and any medications they may be on or need. Allowing  your pet to bring their favorite toy or blanket could also help them feel at ease on the stressful car ride or while they’re anxious away from home.


General Tips and Reminders

Whether your trip is only a couple of hours away or requires days on the road, be sure to map out pet-friendly stops. Never leave your pet unattended in a parked vehicle on warm or cold days. Remember that while you may know how your pet will typically react in certain situations, it won’t necessarily be the case while they’re in a new environment. Nervous pets may take off at sudden noises that otherwise wouldn’t bother them. Always keep your pet leashed when exploring new areas.


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