Don't Let Road Salt Damage Your Vehicle


Winter is in full effect, and to combat the snow and ice our local Department of Transportation plows our roads and lays down road salt. While road salt is necessary to lower water’s freezing point and make winter driving conditions safer, it can also cause damage to your vehicle. Without properly caring for salt residue left on your vehicle, you could end up with expensive repairs and rusted paint.


After safely making it home from venturing out in snowy or icy driving conditions, many of us hurry inside to warm up and forget about our vehicle until it’s time to head back to work, school, or the store. We head to and from work and go about our day, still picking up remnants of salt lingering on the road. While the snow will melt from the roads and our vehicles, salt lingers on the road and on our vehicles. 


If you neglect to remove the salt from your vehicle, it’ll lead to rusting and can cause expensive repairs. Your brake lines, transmission, and other important parts are all left exposed underneath your vehicle. Road salt will not only kick up and stick to those important parts, but it will speed up the rusting process if they are not properly cleaned off. This could lead to events such as a brake line rusting and failing, no longer able to stop your vehicle, and more.


To prevent salt damage to your vehicle, wash your car as soon as possible. Be sure to use a car wash that washes the undercarriage of the vehicle, spraying the hard to reach areas the salt clings to. It is also best to wash your vehicle when it's above freezing temperatures out during the day, so it has a chance to completely dry before temperatures drop at night. While we can’t avoid driving in inclement weather, it is best to minimize it as much as possible.


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