Automotive Design is a Viable Career Option for Youths


Did you know about FCA’s annual design competition Drive for Design? The contest started out locally but grew to become a national competition tied in the EyesOn Design Exhibition. 


Seven years ago, Dodge and SRT®’s Head of Design Mark Trostle spearheaded an effort with FCA to bring back the design competition that was huge in his life. He said, “Back in the day, there was an automotive design contest for local high schoolers featured at the Detroit Autorama, which awarded a scholarship to attend the city’s College for Creative Studies (CCS). Winning this as a youngster kind of kick started my career.”


Mark always knew he wanted to design cars, despite the teachers who told him he wasn’t good enough. The Drive for Design bridged the gap for Mark between dreams and reality. 


Mark went on to win, but shortly after the contest dissolved. 


As Mark progressed in his career he was motivated to reintroduce the Drive for Design. Mark wants to show kids that automotive design is a viable career option.

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