Here’s Why the Ram 1500 is the Ultimate Truck


The Ram 1500 is nearly synonymous with pickup truck. It’s one of the best selling American-made trucks on the market and it’s easy for us to see why. Maybe it’s the way it looks, maybe it’s the way it drives, or maybe it’s just how hard it can work. Here are our top four reasons the Ram 1500 is the best truck for any serious driver.


Total power. If you need power that never quits you need a ram 1500. It’s truly the only choice for those who want to get the hard work done. There’s nothing that stands in the way of a Ram. When you drive the 1500 you’re driving a truck that delivers best-in-class V8 towing of 12,750 pounds. Need we say more?


Style that says it all. The Ram 1500 features styling that you won’t find in the competition. Aerodynamic contours, carefully crafted curves, and smooth lines that say power refined. This truck was designed to reduce drag for a smoother, more efficient ride. 


As smart as they come. The Ram 1500 isn’t just powerful, it’s smart. With advanced technology inside like the largest-in-class 12-inch touchscreen and Uconnect 12.0. Connection comes standard in the Ram 1500, because nowadays if you’re not connected you’re not productive. 


Mopar accessories. Ram knows that making a truck yours is important, and that’s why the company offers upgrades and accessories to suit the needs of every unique driver. You simply won’t find this level of attention to detail anywhere else. 


Look, if you’re shopping for a new truck why look at anything but the best? Get behind the wheel of the Ram 1500 and drive the ultimate truck.

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