This Dodge Challenger SRT® Hellcat Got Boosted up to 1,000-HP!


Hennessey Performance Engineering is famous for pushing engines to the absolute limit, and in their latest build they squeezed 1000 horsepower out of a Dodge Challenger! 


The Hellcat is already on of the most powerful production muscle cars on the market, and that’s thanks to its 707 horses running under the hood and a huge 6.2L supercharged V8, but Hennessey looked at that incredible power and said, “that’s not enough.”


Their 1,000-horsepower performance upgrade pushed this American muscle car into a league of the unknown. 


Hennessey installs new stainless steel long tube headers as well as a high-flow catalytic converter, but that’s not all by any means. Next the performance team installs a set of new high-flow fuel injectors and then a 4.5L supercharger system on top. The supercharger is almost double the size of the original. Absolutely bonkers. 

If you want to see this absolute monster on the dyno check out their video here!

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