The Dodge Journey Improves Fuel Efficiency with Technology

At Keller Bros. Dodge Ram we know that the Dodge Journey is a popular midsize SUV with families large and small. This SUV has always been praised for its innovative features and design, and now there is even more to get excited about. The new Dodge Journey has vast improvements that increase fuel efficiency.

Things begin with a six-speed transmission and the workings of the vehicle's engine. By using variable line pressure technology the engine and the transmission are able to work together in a more efficient way. This helps to create greater fuel economy, and that means you can exceed 500 miles on a single tank of gas. On the open road, the Dodge Journey can achieve up to 25 mpg.

If you think the time is right for you to take a test drive of the Dodge Journey, call or visit our dealership here in Lititz, PA. We'll be happy to explain the fuel efficiency features of this popular SUV in more detail.

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