The Dodge Chargers Evil Twin


With the SEMA Show coming up quick, less than two months away, SpeedKore is going to use to event to unveil a one-off Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Widebody.


SpeedKore is keeping the details under wraps, but they have confirmed that the car will be equipped with a number of carbon fiber components. Based on the teaser image it almost looks like the entire front clip will be constructed out of carbon fiber. 


What’s truly interesting about his build is the engine. SpeedKore replaced the standard supercharged Hellcat V8 with a Demon based engine that’s equipped with twin turbos. We don’t have the details on the performance, but the Demon cranked out 1,202 horsepower at the wheels. 


We’re not sure if the Charger will truly be that powerful, but the all-wheel drive system should make it easier to see those numbers.


Without all the details, we won’t know what this thing could be capable until it’s revealed. In the meantime we will just enjoy the rocket quick Charger SRT Hellcat Widebody.

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