There is More Than Meets the Eye to the New Dodge Challenger

Individuals who see the new 2019 Dodge Challenger for the first time are treated to a banquet of powerful and sleek lines. That said, as good-looking as this popular and iconic muscle car is on the outside, there is much more to this vehicle under the surface.

Dodge Challenger motors run the gamut from a relatively small 305-horsepower power plant to a monstrous 797-horsepower beast. Controlling all that power takes some serious stuff, and the Dodge Challenger provides such technology in the form of specialized traction control designs. The traction control system works at all speeds, and it eliminates wheels-slip by modifying engine output and brake pad pressure.

Another valuable feature is the specialized 2019 Dodge Challenger weight distribution. This vehicle has rear-wheel drive, but it can shift weight during hard accelerations to provide extra traction and downforce to improve grip on take-off. Working hand-in-hand with this system is the aluminum axle system. Aluminum axle design offers high-strength metal that is also lighter in weight than steel, and thus promotes increased performance.

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