Dodge Challenger and Charger Hellcat Could Go Hybrid


Dodge is synonymous with high-output. The muscle cars Dodge develops are meant to blow drivers away, but keep them coming back for more. Think about the Challenger Hellcat that delivers 707 horsepower: incredible. Or, how about the limited run SRT Demon that delivers up to 840 horsepower: on a whole separate level. 


It’s clear that the company is known for their muscle, and that could be continuing into the world of electric vehicles. In an interview with The Detroit Bureau, FCA’s new global powertrain chief Micky Bly didn’t confirm that Dodge will have electrified powertrains, but he did say “it has a role.” Bly went on to say that “people want more than (what’s available) today.”


Bly was optimistic about the electrification of FCA. He hopes to reposition the brand as one of the industry’s leaders in electrification within the next 12 to 18 months. That would be a pretty impressive turn around considering FCA hasn’t had a high-volume of electrical vehicles in the lineup. 


Would you drive an electric Charger or Challenger? We expect if this ever happens that these won’t be your run of the mill hybrids. Power and performance are integral to Dodge vehicles, electricity won’t change that.

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