Enjoy Performance Perks in a Dodge Challenger

The Dodge Challenger has many packages; however, the performance package is the only option that provides tons of mechanical perks. If you need a car that has great speed, efficient horsepower, and a professional-grade suspension system, you'll benefit from investing in a Dodge Challenger and the Performance package.

Under the hood, this Dodge Challenger has brake calipers that are powered by four pistons. These components give the automobile reliable stopping power on the road. As the Challenger slows down, the process of maintaining control isn't difficult since the car is equipped with large, 20 by 9-inch wheels. Because Dodge cares about traction and safety, the Challenger sports all-season Goodyear tires, which provide grip on various types of terrain. These tires work well with the automobile's high-performance suspension system. If you drive the Challenger over a pothole, you don't feel all of the impact because the suspension hardware will absorb most of the shock.

In Lititz, PA, Keller Bros. Dodge Ram is a great place to check out the Dodge Challenger and the Performance package. This automobile is a practical option for anyone who needs a dependable automobile.

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