Tips to Make Sure Your Vehicle is Winter Ready

The days are shorter and the weather is colder, sure tell signs that winter is on our heels. We turn on the heat in our homes and our cars and unpack winter jackets. As you do things to prepare your home for winter such as closing AC vents and locking windows to prevent the cold from getting in, you also have to prepare your car for winter. Check out Keller Bros Dodge Ram’s tips below to get your vehicle ready for winter.

Check Your Tires

Your tires get you from point A to point B, so don’t neglect to look them over when the cold weather hits. You’ll want to check your tire pressure and worn tread. When temperatures begin to dip, so does the tire pressure in your car. On average, when temperatures fall by 10 degrees Fahrenheit, you’ll lose 1 PSI in your tires. To fill your tire to the correct pressure, check your owner’s manual. 

Looking at the tread on your tires is also important as more tread allows you to have better traction on the roads. If your tires are beginning to bald, you will want to replace them before the snow begins to fall. Depending on where you live, if snow and ice are common throughout the winter months, you may want to invest in snow tires for the season as well.

Importance of Visibility

Trips to the beach in the summer and camping in the fall are fun, but sometimes they leave a lasting impression on your windshield. If your windshield was cracked by a rock spitting up, you will want to replace it before the cold sets in. Freezing temperatures can set in the cracks, causing your windshield to split and crack further. This can cause a problem with seeing out of your windshield and possibly cause an accident. To optimize your visibility you will also want to check your windshield wipers. Did you know they should be replaced once a year? If they are no longer working as effectively as they used to, make sure to replace them before inclement weather hits.

An Emergency Stash

It’s always better to be over prepared, so here are a few things you may want to keep in your car in case of an emergency: an extra set of clothes, a blanket, ready-to-eat food, bottled water, a flashlight, and flares. In case you get stuck on snow and ice this winter, remember to keep an abrasive substance such as non clumping kitty litter and a small shovel in your car. 

Looking to replace your vehicle before winter hits? Check out KellerBros Dodge Ram all-wheel drive vehicles today!

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