Extra Assistance in the Dodge Journey

Backing into a parking space or driving in reverse is no problem in the Dodge Journey. This popular mid-sized SUV is available with high-tech features that are designed to keep you safe and alert. The vehicle acts as a second pair of eyes to make sure that you get to where you need to go without any issues.

When you step inside the Journey at Keller Bros. Dodge, you'll notice the large UConnect infotainment screen. This screen is connected to a rear backup camera installed on the liftgate. When you shift into reverse, a live feed from the camera will be displayed on the infotainment screen. It features distant markers to give you a better idea of how far away hazards are.

Another great feature for drivers in Lititz, PA is the ParkSense Rear Park Assist system. Ultrasonic sensors are built into the bumper of your car. They will monitor your surroundings. If they detect an obstacle nearby, your Journey will produce an audible alert to let you know.

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