The Ram 2500 MDS System Can Reduce Fuel Costs

The 2018 Ram 2500 heavy-duty pickup truck is the work vehicle of choice for many people like you. Many trucks of the same class have powerful motors that are capable of bringing home the bacon, but these common vehicles often have motors that also burn fuel at unreasonable rates.

In contrast to these fuel-wasting trucks, some 2018 Ram 2500 models use the multiple displacement systems (MDS), which a smart, fuel-saving technology. The average pickup truck runs on all of its cylinders regardless of whether it is hauling a heavy load or not. Contrastingly, the Ram 2500 MDS system uses smart sensors to monitor engine loads.

When more power is required, the MDS system engages all of the cylinders in order to provide maximum force. If the truck bed is empty and less power is needed, this system can deactivate up to 4-cylinders, saving fuel and improving overall performance along the way.

Here at our facility in the local region, we stock several Ram 2500 trucks specifically for customer test drives. You can try out one of our trucks for yourself and experience the 2018 Ram 2500 difference if you swing by Keller Bros Dodge today.



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